Awarded the 2018 Educator of the Year Award by the Learning Disability Association of America!

 I will  be offering workshops in the PSW approach to identifying a SLD to the following groups: Westwood School District (9/5); Fairfleld School District (9/14); Little Silver School District (9/22); Mountain Lakes School District (10/4); Hanover Park School district (10/9); NJ Association of Learning Consultants (10/20); Newark School District (11/2, 11/6); Rutgers GSAPP Continuing Education (12/6).

I continue to offer training in conducting evaluations for specific learning disabilities at the following districts: Westwood (1/15/24); Newark (2/20 & 2/22/24); Southampton (2/16/24); and Burlington (2/26/24).

Online Counseling

How does teletherapy work? What can I expect?

We will meet virtually via the internet, using a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection. Prior to your session, I will send you a link via email or text. Clicking the link will connect you with my private virtual office waiting room. We can conduct our meetings through audio only or audio and visual formats.

What equipment do I need?

For video calls, you will need a smartphone, tablet or computer equipped with a webcam. Headphones are optional, but useful for privacy reasons. You also need a secure internet connection. Note that public or unsecured wifi can compromise your privacy.

Do I need any special app or software?

Your device should have a built-in web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, updated to the latest version. If it doesn’t, download it prior to your telehealth visit. You will receive a link from me that takes you directly to my telehealth virtual office.

Is this like Skype or Facetime?

It is similar in experience, in that you and I can see and talk to one another in real time. However, the platform used for your telehealth sessions is secure and complies with privacy regulations.

Will my insurance pay for teletherapy?

During the pandemic, many insurance companies will pay for teletherapy sessions, similar to office visits. Your copay (if any) will remain the same. To see if you are covered for this service, check with your insurance company.

How to prepare for your teletherapy session

Make sure that you are in a private, quiet location, where other people cannot hear you. If you have headphones that connect to your device, use them to listen, so that other people cannot hear my voice.

What if there are technical difficulties, such as problems with connecting online?

Occasionally, online connections are lost. If this happens, I will text or e-mail you again to restart the session. As a backup, I will ask for a phone number where I can call you, or will give you a number to call me, and we will continue by phone.

Advantages and risks of teletherapy

Teletherapy is convenient and, at this time, the only way to safely conduct our sessions. For a number of things to consider about teletherapy, please read the notification document that I will send you prior to beginning. It may also be accessed on my website,, on the “Helpful Forms” tab. 

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