Awarded the 2018 Educator of the Year Award by the Learning Disability Association of America!

 I will  be offering workshops in the PSW approach to identifying a SLD to the following groups: Westwood School District (9/5); Fairfleld School District (9/14); Little Silver School District (9/22); Mountain Lakes School District (10/4); Hanover Park School district (10/9); NJ Association of Learning Consultants (10/20); Newark School District (11/2, 11/6); Rutgers GSAPP Continuing Education (12/6).

I continue to offer training in conducting evaluations for specific learning disabilities at the following districts: Westwood (1/15/24); Newark (2/20 & 2/22/24); Southampton (2/16/24); and Burlington (2/26/24).

Advocacy With The CollegeBoard and ACT

Due to the increasingly high stakes and pressure families experience when their students are taking entrance examinations for college or graduate school, more and more applications for accommodations like extended time have been made to the College or ACT Boards. As a result, the Boards have tightened up their standards. For example, students who suffer from ADD are not automatically granted accommodations on the sole basis of their diagnosis. Unless it is accompanied by solid and well-documented functional impairments, accommodations may not be granted.

If you want to apply for accommodations for your student or yourself, you must first become acquainted with the criteria being used to evaluate your application by accessing the appropriate website. 
For the College Board, click
For the ACT, click

Students in both public and private high schools may apply through their schools if they have valid, current evaluations documenting the need for accommodations according to the stated criteria.

For those who have never been evaluated, parents may seek to obtain a private evaluation to establish the appropriateness of the request for accommodations. Again, choose an evaluator who is very familiar with not only the criteria, but also how to deal with/write an appeal to the respective Boards if they deny accommodations when you and the evaluator feel they are warranted.

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