Awarded the 2018 Educator of the Year Award by the Learning Disability Association of America!

 I will  be offering workshops in the PSW approach to identifying a SLD to the following groups: Westwood School District (9/5); Fairfleld School District (9/14); Little Silver School District (9/22); Mountain Lakes School District (10/4); Hanover Park School district (10/9); NJ Association of Learning Consultants (10/20); Newark School District (11/2, 11/6); Rutgers GSAPP Continuing Education (12/6).

I continue to offer training in conducting evaluations for specific learning disabilities at the following districts: Westwood (1/15/24); Newark (2/20 & 2/22/24); Southampton (2/16/24); and Burlington (2/26/24).

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Whether you have received my name as a personal referral or as a result of a web search, it is important that you feel assured that you are choosing the “right” person.

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  • I am a Penn graduate with 40 years of experience as a private practitioner, university professor, and director of special education services. My expertise in the neuropsychological aspects of learning earned me the 2018 award of Educator of the Year from the Learning Disability Association of America.

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My blogs on neuropsychological assessment, psychotherapy, parenting, and emotional communication are informative and will give you an idea about how I will approach your issues.

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Neuropsychological Evaluations

If you or your student:

-Do not understand why you are not progressing at school or work;

-Found previous school or private evaluations unhelpful;

-Are seeking accommodations on high stake exams like the SAT, ACT, LSAT, or MCAT


Click here to learn how a neuropsychological evaluation can address these questions and how my experience as an evaluator can make a difference


If you, your partner or your student are:


-anxious or depressed;,

-stuck in a repetitive emotional or behavioral cycle


Click here to learn how talk therapy can help in breaking impasses and removing road blocks that prevent progress.

Recent Testimonial after a Neuropsychological Evaluation:

Dr Korner, I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you did with my family. I can’t tell you how happy I am with everything you’ve done. I understand that this is your profession but it’s so obvious how much you care about the kids and how much you enjoy your job. You have really helped my children.

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