Summer is Almost Here: A Perfect Time for a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Summer is Almost Here: A Perfect Time for a Neuropsychological Evaluation

If your student has had a difficult year, summer is the time to consider an evaluation to understand the roots of the difficulties and to develop a plan to address them in the fall in order to have a better next year.

Why a neuropsychological evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation is the most comprehensive assessment available. The scope of the evaluation is much broader than psycho-educational evaluations performed at school. Moreover, the choice of a test battery and the interpretation of the findings rely on a theoretical framework that represents the best science available.

What does a neuropsychological evaluation assess?

Academic subjects are comprised of neuropsychological processes including cognitive processing abilities and executive functions. The neuropsychological evaluation assesses these brain processes with a focus on understanding which of these is the cause of the academic or behavioral problem.

What kind of help can I expect to get from a neuropsychological evaluation?

The evaluation will examine each of the processing abilities and executive functions involved in performing successfully in each academic area. Once that information is obtained, an individualized instructional plan can be created that is tailored to each student’s neuropsychological profile. This will help teachers to differentiate instruction in a way that targets specific areas of deficit.

Why should I seek an evaluation from me?

First, I conduct all evaluations personally. I do not use a technician to perform the testing. This is important because the observations and interactions that occur during the test administration are very important parts of understanding your student. I believe the testing and the interpretation should be done by the same person. In addition, the reports I write are done personally after extensive analysis of the data and are not computer generated with reams of general and impractical recommendations.

Second, I have been conducting evaluations and working with children and adolescents for over 35 years. I know child and development and I know how to create a test battery that focuses on your student’s issues. My knowledge of the linkages between processing skills and academic performance and how to make realistic, practical, and reasonable recommendations has been obtained over three decades.

Third, I have intimate knowledge of how schools work and understand what kinds of recommendations they are able to implement and those they would ignore.

Fourth, I remain available after the evaluation to help you navigate the school system and child study team. I can accompany you to school meetings and help you in advocating for your student.

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