Let’s Make NJMTSS a Success

Let’s Make NJMTSS a Success

86713_5_80x100Coming in January, 2018, the state DOE will be pushing out its’ Multi-Tiered Support System (NJMTSS) initiative to bolster efforts to support ALL students.

It will be essential to infuse MTSS with a theoretical framework that will provide teachers, child study teams, and administrators with a way to understand how students learn and what obstacles block their learning and performance. The Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) principles are our best science about the kinds of cognitive processing skills that are necessary to read, write, and do math. CHC posits that academic subjects are byproducts of these cognitive processing skills. When paired with the Pattern of Srengths and Weaknesses (PSW) method of assessing students’ cognitive processing and executive functioning profiles, a roadmap can be created to tailor a specific plan to address weaknesses and highlight strengths. Teachers, in particular, need a way to understand why students are having trouble reading, solving math problems, and generating narrative writing. CHC and PSW provides a way to create individualized educational plans tailored to each student’s needs.

I, along with members of for professional groups in NJ-the NJ Psychological Association, the NJ Association of School Psychologists, the NJ Association of Learning Consultants, and the Learning Disabikuty Association of NJ-have been working hard to spread the word by sharing what we know. We are training child study team members, teachers, and interested administrators. If you have an interest in learning more about CHC and PSW and how it can help your school team or increase your knowledge base, feel free to contact me.

let’s get a jump start on making NJMTSS a success to support all of our students.

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