Couple Therapy Session

About Dr. Korner


I earned the doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and have been in private practice for 37 years with a specialization in child, family, and marital psychotherapy and psychoeducational/neuropsychological evaluations.

During this time, I have been appointed to the following positions: director of the child and family unit, Benjamin Rush Center in Philadelphia; director of psychology and assistant professor professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College-Metropolitan Hospital Center, New York City; and associate professor (tenured), doctoral program in child-clinical psychology and director, school psychology program, Seton Hall University. 

I am actively involved in my professional community and was appointed to chair the continuing education committee of the New Jersey Psychological Association, be a media spokesperson for psychology as a member of the media committee of the American Psychological Association, and was elected president of the Bergen County Association of Licensed Psychologists.

I have also maintained an active presence in the professional community by offering over 60 presentations and publications. At present, I am spearheading an initiative with a consortium of professional organizations to revise the eligiblity requirements for special education in New Jersey to reflect current science and neuropsychological practice.